Balloons / Plush Bears

Whether you want to say happy Valentine’s Day, happy birthday or just send well wishes, at Blooming Flowers we have Mylar balloons for all types of occasions! Mylar balloons have been around since the 1970s when they were invented for use in the New York City Ballet. These colorful balloons are made out of a synthetic metalized plastic/nylon material. Some of our Mylar balloons include: • Colorful balloons to welcome a newborn baby into the world. Both the “it’s a girl” balloons and the “it’s a boy” balloons have the same yellow, purple, pink, blue and green patterned checkered border, but the girl balloon’s center is a light pink with dark pink glitter writing, while the boy balloon has a light blue center with blue glitter writing. • Birthday balloon decorations help to make someone’s birthday extra special. Choose from two different birthday balloon patterns. The first option features a green background decorated with pink and orange polka dots, a yummy cup cake and reads happy birthday, while the other is covered in colorful balloons and reads happy birthday. • Brighten someone’s day with one of these yellow glittered smiley face balloons. In addition to our balloons, we have stuffed teddy bears available for decorating flower arrangements. These soft bears are available in brown or white, and make perfect cuddling companions! You can find all of our Mylar balloons at

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