Dz premium long stem roses mixed color  EBF-73
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Every rose has a different meaning, and our stunning collection of four different varieties says it all — beauty, love, happiness, grace. 12 premium long stem Roses Mixed Colors
Red Roses
Red roses are known as the lover's rose signifying enduring passion. Red roses say "I love you". Send them for anniversaries, a birthday, Valentine's Day or "just because". Same-day flower delivery available.
Pink Roses
Sweet and joyful, blushing pink roses are often associated with grace, innocence and happiness. A bouquet of pink roses is a welcome gift for many occasions.
Yellow Roses
Send roses in yellow when you want to express friendship and platonic love. Bright and cheery yellow roses can be delivered to a residence, business, hospital, nursing home and more.
Lavender Roses
The stunning, ethereal beauty of lavender roses has made these rare flowers a sought-after favorite for all romantic occasions.
White Roses
Classy and elegant white roses represent all that is innocent, truthful and humble. Order a bouquet of white roses and have them delivered the same-day to a residence or business.

Dz premium long stem roses mixed color EBF-73



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