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Blooming Flowers

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Flower arrangements are given for many different reasons, and can convey feelings that are difficult to express in another way. Just be careful you’re sending the right color flowers in the arrangement! When it comes to flowers, certain colors are used to convey certain emotions. At Blooming Flowers, we have a wide range of European garden flowers that can be used to communicate a variety of feelings. • A beautiful arrangement of green plants, combined with yellow and pink flowers will surely brighten someone’s day. Pink flowers create feelings of joy, grace, happiness and youth, while yellow flowers can symbolize friendship, new beginnings and happiness. • Our orange arrangement of dish garden flowers will energize someone, filling them with feelings of enthusiasm, confidence and warmth. • A red bouquet of flowers is typically used to convey feelings of love and passion. • When you send someone an arrangement overflowing with purple buds, you’re sending them a message of congratulations. Purple flowers symbolize accomplishment, royalty and admiration. Next time you find it difficult to tell someone how you feel, let him or her know with a colorful arrangement of European garden flowers from Blooming Flowers. You can see all of our flower arrangements at eBloomingFlowers.com.

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  1. Peace lily plant EB-98

    Peace lily plant Learn More
  2. EB-126

    EB-126 Learn More
  3. European Garden EB-94

    European Garden Learn More
  4. European Garden EB-91

    European Garden EB-91 Learn More
  5. Cant Decide? Let us help you Design Your Custom Arrangement

    Let us handpick the freshest, most beautiful flowers to create one-of-a-kind arrangements, all at an affordable price. Learn More
  6. Yellow kalanchoe plant EB-532

    yellow kalanchoe plant Learn More
  7. white beauty EB-531

    phalaenopsis orchid plant Learn More
  8. Red Bromeliad EB-219

    Red Bromeliad EB-219 Learn More
  9. Garden Of Peace EB-415

    Garden Of Peace EB-415 Learn More
  10. Orchid Delight EB-441

    Orchid Delight EB-441 Learn More
  11. Orchid Serenity EB-442

    Orchid Serenity EB-442 Learn More
  12. Succulent Garden EB-457

    Succulent Garden EB-457 Learn More
  13. Bloomer basket EB-513

    Blooming plants Learn More
  14. Blooming orchid EB-530

    phalaenopsis plant Learn More
  15. Pink garden EB-526

    Blooming, green plants Learn More
  16. Orchid garden EB-227

    phalaenopsis plant Learn More
  17. Pink Kalanchoe plant EB-528

    Pink Kalanchoe plant Learn More
  18. EB-641 Heavenly Garden

    Peace lily plant with a blooming plant Learn More
  19. Smiley Face Mylar Balloons EB-81

    Smiley Face Mylar Balloons EB-81 Learn More
  20. I Love You 18" Mylar Balloons EB -85

    I Love You 18" Mylar Balloons EB -85 Learn More
  21. Happy Anniversary 18" Mylar Balloons EB -86

    Happy Anniversary 18" Mylar Balloons EB -86 Learn More

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Items 1 to 25 of 39 total

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