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Blooming Flowers

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Do you know someone who is feeling down in the dumps? Brighten their day with a stunning arrangement of exotic tropical flowers from eBloomingFlowers.com! These beautiful exotic flower arrangements include an assortment of tropical flower choices, such as delicate orchids, and brightly colored bromeliad. Our orchid flower arrangements are graceful, and these lean elegant flowers draw attention from everyone in a room. Orchids are one of the most popular exotic flowers. Long ago, they were thought to mean and help many different things. For example, long ago in England orchids were considered a plant of luxury, while the Chinese believed these magnificent flowers helped to cure coughs and other ailments. Bromeliad tropical flower bouquets are equally beautiful. These unique tropical plants can be found in a variety of colors including maroon, green or gold, and can have purple, cream or red spots. Their ability to survive and adapt to different environments adds to the appeal of these versatile arrangements. Perfect for any occasion, these tropical flower arrangements will surely brighten someone’s day. You see all of our exotic arrangements at eBloomingFlowers.com.

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  1. Peace lily plant EB-98

    Peace lily plant Learn More
  2. EB-126

    EB-126 Learn More
  3. white beauty EB-531

    phalaenopsis orchid plant Learn More
  4. Blooming orchid EB-530

    phalaenopsis plant Learn More
  5. Orchid garden EB-227

    phalaenopsis plant Learn More
  6. Orchid Serenity EB-442

    Orchid Serenity EB-442 Learn More
  7. Orchid Delight EB-441

    Orchid Delight EB-441 Learn More
  8. Red Bromeliad EB-219

    Red Bromeliad EB-219 Learn More
  9. Cant Decide? Let us help you Design Your Custom Arrangement

    Let us handpick the freshest, most beautiful flowers to create one-of-a-kind arrangements, all at an affordable price. Learn More

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11 Item(s)